Frequently Asked Questions

What type of information will I include in my Legacy Pathway (LP) app?

The Legacy Pathway app provides your loved ones with the information needed to carry out your wishes. The forms included in the app are detailed and easy to complete, and cover such areas as:

  • Contact information for your Attorney, CPA, Financial Advisor etc.
  • Any alarm codes and/or keys required to access your home
  • User names and passwords to access your computer(s) and other devices
  • Location of important documents such as your Power of Attorney, Will, Healthcare Proxy, Financial statements etc.
  • Who and how you want your pets to be cared for
For specific questions or clarifications regarding any information asked for in the LP app, email

Is my data safe and secure?

Yes. In today's world data safety and security is vital, and protecting your private information is an important part of our focus. The Legacy Pathway (LP) app stores your data as an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encrypted file. You create your own unique password, and each time you access the LP app from your computer, tablet or mobile device, you will be asked to enter it. Your password is decrypted in the LP app and is never stored on your device's memory. Because other processes cannot access your device's memory, your data is safe and secure.

Who has access to my information?

To see your information, one would need access to your device (cell phone, tablet or computer) and your Legacy Pathway app (LP) password.

Can I move my data between my devices?

Yes. However, since your data is never kept online for security reasons, you cannot access your data on another device simply by logging in. You must first download the LP app to your second device and then manually move your data from the LP app on your first device to the LP app on your second device using the LP app's export/import function.

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